An accounting of changes

So! Here's Sex Cops of Tickle City, the second of my 2011 pulp-inspired porn games. As with Fuck Eat Kill, I have taken care not to update the text itself much, other than for the sake of clarity.

What does that mean? Well,

The original game had a strict YES / NO choice structure, which I adhered to to a fault. In fact, it was a very late decision to switch every choice over to the YES / NO format; while all of the game's choices were binary branches, not all of them were written as YES / NOs. The overwhelming majority were, though, so I decided to force the outliers into the YES / NO format, and the results were often clunky.

Here's an example from the 2011 game:

There are two possibilities here; to which one are the NO and YES choices referring? I've updated the player's choices (and in some cases, the surrounding text) to be clearer.

Here's the 2023 version:

This is a unilateral improvement, imho. "RESIST" and "SUBMIT" are both much more loaded words.

And that's mostly it. The only other changes include the opening page, a more modernized sidebar (in terms of Twine 1.4.x, anyway), and slightly changed CSS. The rest of the game is basically unchanged.

Enjoy, and, as always, if you get mad, get mad at 2011 me, who actually wrote the thing.


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Feb 21, 2023

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