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Originally released in 2011: An erotic pulp Twine novella about a trans girl being abducted and tickle tortured by sadistic lesbian cops.

Twine's internal word counter โ€“ which is not always reliable โ€“ claims there are around 19,000 words in this thing. Depending on your choices, there are three possible verdicts (though only one possible sentence).

Lightly updated from the original, mostly for clarity around some choices (which stretched the "yes / no" choice structure to the point of confusion).


This is a fantasy about being kidnapped and imprisoned by hot lesbian cops. It is inspired by "women in prison" exploitation films of the 70s and 80s and their latent queer energy. IRL, trans people (especially trans women and especially black trans women and trans women of color) are often the targets of police violence. It is my fervent hope that the prison-industrial complex will be swept from this earth by a river of queer cum.

Remember: The only good cop is a fantasy sex cop.


I wrote this a friggin' decade ago!


Cops, kidnapping and abduction, bondage, knives, choking, tickling, imprisonment, interrogation, graphic descriptions of sex (in some paths), non-consensual and dubiously consensual scenarios. The protagonist is a trans woman and her genitals are frequently referred to with charged language like "prick" and "boner," though never with a transmisogynist connotation - there is no depiction of transmisogyny in this work and the protagonist is treated as a woman without exception.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Authoranna anthropy
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAdult, Erotic, exploitation-film, pulp, Queer, sex-cops, tickling, Twine


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Based ACAB moment


This is really good and clearly made with love. I've been procrastinating working on my own hyperspecific smutty Twine game, and your work got me to pick it up again.

I should also do the same. Was planning to finish it back in Feb 14 but just didn't felt the motivation to continue it, but maybe I will at the end of this month

this game came out on february 21??

Seems like originally made back in 2011 but republished Feb. 21 this year

oh you meant february of the YEAR 2014

hi, i'm the author, just being confused

Hi author, I'm also confused because I meant Feb 14 the date, not 14 as in the year 2014