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"This was 2012, and I hadn’t ever seen writing like that in a videogame....Maybe it’s tipping my hand too much to say this game spoke to me, but it did. It was everything I had been led to believe videogames weren’t, couldn’t be: funny, hot, relevant to my life."

—merritt k, Videogames for Humans

Fuck Eat Kill was the first Twine game.

Wait, that's not exactly correct. In 2009 I was looking around for a tool for making Choose Your Own Adventure-like branching story games. There were a handful of them (QML was another one I tried), and they were mostly too limited for what I wanted. A program by Chris Klimas, called Twine, seemed the most promising of the bunch.

I made a few little adventure and puzzle games to test out how suited Twine was for the kinds of projects I wanted to make. And then in late 2011 I wrote a porn thriller called Encyclopedia Fuckme and the Case of the Vanishing Entree. (The name was very last-minute.) It blew up enough that other queer and trans folks started tinkering with Twine too - 2012 was the year the "Twine Revolution" (as it's sometimes called) kicked off.

Fuck Eat Kill

Fuck Eat Kill is a slightly updated re-release of this seminal Twine game. (See the post below for a full list of changes.) You can think of it as a erotic gay slasher flick (in interactive fiction form). It includes explicit depictions of sex and violence.

Click for full content warnings (contains spoilers).

The game contains: A cannibal serial killer, non-consensual bondage and kidnapping, threats of violence (especially with knives), violence (including stabbing), asphyxiation (dunking in a bathtub), and dismemberment (loss of a hand). There's also lots of explicit sex, name-calling (especially "pig"/"piggy"), humiliation, and discussion of eating people.

It's available for free, but pay at least $2 and you'll be able to download An Obvious Cry for Attention, a follow-up porn game that includes quotes from negative comments people wrote about the original.

Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authoranna anthropy
GenreVisual Novel, Survival
TagsAdult, cannibalism, Erotic, Horror, Twine


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