An accounting of changes

So what are the differences between this release of Fuck Eat Kill and the original 2011 release of Encyclopedia Fuckme and the Case of the Vanishing Entree? Not a lot! Here's a list:

  • Fuck Eat Kill is compiled in Twine version 1.4.2, while the original was compiled in some impossibly ancient Twine release. According to the file, the template is Sugarcane 1.2. What does this change? At the very least, it fixes the broken links in the sidebar.
  • Obviously, the name is changed. "Encyclopedia Fuckme" is a parody of the Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective books. Not long after the release of this game, I adopted a little cat who I named Encyclopedia Frown (a much better pun). Naturally, I don't love having a sex game share the name as my feline companion. Hence the change. (I literally decided on the final title like, the day before I launched the game. Working titles included "Dinner Date" and "Fucking Hungry.")
  • The sidebar images are changed. Naturally, the stylized title image had to change to match the new title, but I also wanted to replace an image which appeared below it. This image was a still from a photoshoot (someone else's photoshoot), cropped and edited. It was the number one thing I wanted to replace: Now it's a pig.
  • The opening passage of the game is changed, since the original was a riff on the Encyclopedia Fuckme title. It was written at the very end, and was the only place where the name "Encyclopedia Fuckme" was referred to. The new opening is a parody classified ad, and includes much more detailed content warnings - the original's were far from adequate.
  • One line about stripping has been slightly rewritten, from "The look she's giving you right now is unplucking your buttons, sliding your belt out of its loops, teasing your shoelaces from their holes," to "The look she's giving you right now is unplucking buttons, tugging straps, peeling fabrics." The original line always stuck out to me as the one place where I assign physical details to the player character (to how they're dressed, anyway), and I wanted something a bit less specific. Also, the idea that you would go over to a date's house and not take your shoes off at the door? Gross.
  • The "bad" ending has a new "The End?" image, and allows the player to try the final scene over again. When I wrote the game, I imagined the final bathtub scene as a puzzle where the protagonist could use their wits to escape death. If you don't - well, you die. This was a point of confusion - it wasn't clear to players who got the "bad" ending that there was an alternative path. So: this is the compromise.

Other than these changes, everything is as I wrote it in 2011. If the game makes you mad, please get mad at 2011 me and not the current me of a decade later.

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