SRD now available!

Since I created Princess with a Cursed Sword and its sequels, a few people have come up with their own games using the system. I love this, and always want more of it. Hence, an official guide to making games in what I'm calling the Princess Sword system has been on my todo list for a while.

Well, I finally wrote one. Princess with a Cursed SRD (I couldn't resist - SRD stands for "System Resource Document") is now available. It's a guide to Princess with a Cursed Sword's discontents, what they do, and some best practices for writing them. It also outlines the official Cursed Game License (or CGL), allowing you to distribute and even sell your own games. And all in one page (double-sided)!

Plus, it's free.

Princess with a Cursed SRD

Let me know if you make anything cool!

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This is awesome! Would love to see a Collection with all the Princess Sword games, including those made by others. <3

there is one! here it is!