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THIS IS A GUIDE to making solo role-playing games that use tarot cards, based on Princess with a Cursed Sword. Princess Sword games are mindful, compact games with simple mechanics that change based on what tarot deck they're played with.

Princess with a Cursed SRD (System Resource Document) is a one-page (double-sided) explanation of the design behind each element of a Princess Sword game - why it's there, what it's for, what it does.


You are free to create, distribute, and charge money for your Princess Sword games. Just include the following text:

This is a Princess Sword game, based on Anna Anthropy’s Princess with a Cursed Sword, available at w.itch.io.


You are not allowed to reproduce story prompts or flavor text from any of Anna Anthropy’s Princess Sword games verbatim. Write your own original game – that’s the point of this document!

Nazis, terfs, and fascists are expressly forbidden from making games using this system, lest their words turn to ash in their mouths and choke them. This is a Curse, and it is Binding. You’ve been warned.

🖋️ Designed & written by Anna Anthropy and illustrated by Rayne Klar

🗡️ Find games created with the Princess Sword system in this itch collection.

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Authoranna anthropy
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First of all thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Your mastery of creating something incredibly deep out of a system that seems so simple is incredible. 

I also wanted to say that you inspired me to my first game using your SRD.

The Prophet by The Punk Theologian (itch.io)

Please let me know if there is a way I can send you a copy.

TOO LATE!! i bought it

this looks cool as hell. i've added your game to the Princess Sword itch collection. thanks so much for sharing it!

Thank you so much! I plan on making a series of these as I am obsessed with the simplicity and depth created simply by changing out the deck. 

(1 edit)

Made this a while ago, was a neat system to work with.

thank you for making a SRD! i've always been intrigued by the Cursed Princess games. i made my own with this system for my class collaborated Zine. it's been tons of fun :)


this is great! thanks for sharing it!

I've loved playing your games, and made my own with this system! It was so fun to put together- thank you <3


this is so fun, i love it! i'm going to add it to the Princess Sword Games itch collection

Ahh thank you so much!! I'll have to check out the collection myself <3

This is so cool! I can't wait to write a first Princess Sword Game. Thank you so much

i'd love to see what you come up with!

I will share it of course! I mostly make games in French, but sometimes I translate them too.

I hope one day your own games will be available in French too ❤️

I literally jumped when I saw this. So cool!

This is so awesome of you to share/offer this! Thank you