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Does the Empire dream of its Empress – its human handler, master, prisoner? She does not shoulder her duties alone. She has advisers, generals, spies, poison tasters, lovers. But she has no one so important as you. For you are all these things, and more. You are her Seer.

THE EMPRESS AND HER SEER is a journaling role-playing game for one player. It requires a tarot deck and can be played in half an hour or more. And it fits on one printed page.

Interpret the Empress' dreams. As her Seer, this is your duty. Turn over a tarot card and let the game prompts and the card image guide your interpretation. Is it an omen of danger abroad? A jealous cousin? Knives in the dark? 

Face challenges to her rule. Her court is full of rivals waiting for any sign of weakness. Throw coins to find out if your prognostication has prepared her for the threat – or if your charms have left her distracted and off-guard.

You are the only one she can trust. She can trust you, right? You wouldn't take advantage of the Empress' confidence to advance your own agenda – would you?

Chronicle your memoirs. At court, falls from grace come frequent and hard. Record your experiences as the Empress' Seer in case you someday have need to sell them to a publisher.

“You dream of a journey? My Empress, it’s a sign from God, demanding a pilgrimage. You may send your Head Priestess – she has been rather occupying your time of late. Worry not, I will be glad to take over her services – and to occupy your time most generously – until her return.” 

Designed & written by Anna Anthropy and  illustrated by Rayne Klar. The deck in the photo is Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle.

COMMUNITY COPIES: If you're a marginalized person facing economic hardship and can't spare the money for the game, email me at collectfruit at gmail dot com to request a free pdf copy.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Looks awesome Anna! Congrats!


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