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The Spider-Regent leaned forward in her throne as a procession of seven servants entered the court, each one carrying an object wrapped in blood-red cloth. “From the Bird-Queen,” announced the Court Herald, as the servants unwrapped their gifts. “To the Protector of the Forest, the finest steel from our armories, that she may defend her new Kingdom.” The swords glinted with cold fire. There was one for the Queen and one for each of her terrible daughters.

The Regent merely smiled and waved her hand as her daughters swung their swords, giddily, with neither art nor poetry. She recognized the threat that came with the gift. She would need to begin preparing.

So deep in her thoughts was she, she did not notice the small sparrow who hopped out from beneath one of the servant's robes, skittered into a small hollow in the corner, and installed itself in her court.

This book is a collection of stories written by you. Each comes with a set of instructions, a small ritual, that layers onto an activity like a cloth onto a table. Many of the activities are ones you probably already do regularly. Play them as you like.

The games  in this collection were written between April 2018 and January 2019. All but one were previously released independently on this site. They have all been revised somewhat.

Your purchase includes a pdf that has been formatted for printing and assembly into a 5x5" by 8.5" zine.

The games include:

  • A  Gift Arrives!
  • The Artifact
  • Alterations
  • Letters that Will Never Arrive
  • On a Bed of Moss
  • The Weight She Carries
  • Someone on this Train
  • The Girl and the Troll
  • The Stone Table
  • The Getaway

Cover and illustrations by Hax Shannon.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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