Created as an aid to a project in my game design class. Here's the project: Create an explorable, interactive space that uses narrative and visual "clues" to communicate the identity of the resident. The class was taught using Bitsy.

Environmental Storytelling

Think of environmental storytelling as leaving clues. How do you communicate that someone's a werewolf without outright telling the player? Maybe their home contains shed wolf hair, a lunar calendar with the next full moon circled in red. This character is planning a bank heist. In their apartment are a map of the bank vault, a blowtorch, and a bad disguise.

Here are some good readings / watchings on environmental storytelling:

And here are some Bitsy games that feature strong environmental storytelling:

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this is a really cool idea!! i've seen tools that just generate a character, but i've never come across one that was created for the express purpose of environmental storytelling! good job :D