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The princess was born to power and trained to rule, but an unexpected tryst with a witch has awoken new (or perhaps just newly discovered?) desires. She is dismayed to discover she is also cursed: Despite her dedicated efforts, she can no longer get herself off. Late one night, frustrated and desperate, her ensorcelled cock leads her to a masked party where she finds all manner of proclivities being indulged.

PRINCESS WITH A CURSED DICK is a journaling role-playing game for one adult player. It requires a tarot deck and can be played in half an hour or more. And it fits on one printed page.

This is a smutty journaling game, but you get to decide what that means.

Princess with a Cursed Dick is a journaling game about a sex party where a princess flirts with and potentially hooks up with / does kink activities with people who may or may not recognize her true identity. Because of the game's structure — it only ever provides prompts to be filled in by the player — the player has control over the content and level of explicitness of the game. Perhaps in your game there are no hookups at this party, only flirting. Maybe sex / kink happens "off-camera," during paragraph breaks. Some elements suggested by the prompts just may not be interesting to you, and so you'll ignore them. This is all great!

The game is interested in exploring the tension between the princess' structural power as princess and her submissive desires. While the explicitness level is left to the player, this narrative theme is mechanized by the rules and would be harder to edit out.

While the game can be played with any gender of main character, this game was written with a submissive transfeminine experience in mind (if the title wasn't a giveaway). The rules use she/her pronouns throughout.

“Do you often bring a leash to parties?” teased the princess, but her quaver could not escape the huntress’ trained ears.

“I enjoy keeping pets. It has a matching collar, and I would love an excuse to touch your neck.” Her gaze slid to the bulge in the princess’ dress. “Or even elsewhere.”

Designed & written by Anna Anthropy and  illustrated by Beetle Birdley. The deck in the photo is Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle (who is not affiliated with this game in any way).


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hello, if i wanted to submit myself to the punishment of drafting up a d6 or d10 table of encounters for each card in a tarot dexk would you be ok with me posting it here?

Sure! You were probably already planning to do this, but please link it rather than posting the text directly in the comments!

Awesome! Will do.

Anna, this could be a good submission the Solo Journaling RPG jam: https://itch.io/jam/solo-journaling-rpg-jam

absolutely ecstatic about this game!!!! 

very excited to play this one! i laughed out loud at the title in my email, so i'm already enchanted

aw the email notification from itchio says "anna anthropy has released a new game" - so disappointing clicking through and seeing that it is not in fact available yet!

curious to give it a try though, I've got a tarot deck leftover from the last 'what if rpg but tarot cards' game I played, it'd be nice to bust it out again.


Can’t help but point out that your choice of words “It’d be nice to bust it out again” is very appropriate for the game. As the description states “Despite her dedicated efforts, she can no longer get herself off.”

I love this so much.


the game should be available this weekend! ~thank u for yr patience~