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"There's been dozens of 'impossible' highly punishing games - they're not very interesting. Hell, there's many commercial games which are far more punishing than what Mighty Jill Off asks you to overcome - but the point isn't about just that 'games players are masochists'. It's that 'games designers are sadists', in the sense of a Master/Slave relationship. In that, it's a question of trying to punish your slave in a way which makes it a relationship. True sadism would just involve offing the little shit. The point is to make them suffer in a way which they can endure and - by tickling those desires - enjoy."

—Kieron Gillen, Rock Paper Shotgun

Mighty Jill Off is an indie platform game from 2008. Inspired by Mighty Bomb Jack, it follows submissive masochist Jill as she attempts to please her Queen. Lesbians! Kink! A meditation on the appeal of retro-style difficulty! That's this game.

Press Z or Space to jump. Press again to cancel jump. Tap to hover.

Also available: Jill Off With One Hand, an "endless" one-button riff on Jill's verb set. They're both made in some ten-year-old version of GameMaker and I make no promises for their compatibility with current platforms.

Game design by Anna Anthropy
Art and character design by Harvey James
Music by Andrew Toups

Psst. There's a secret second tower. To access it, either finish the first tower in under 12 minutes or type the code "QUEEN" during the opening cutscene.

These games are free. If you like them, please consider spending money on another game at w.itch.io.

The Queen is canonically trans.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
Authoranna anthropy
TagsDifficult, Indie, jilling-off, kink, Lesbian, LGBT, masocore


Mighty Jill Off.zip 28 MB
Jill Off With One Hand.zip 7 MB


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Included Mighty Jill-Off at 0:00 as part of a compilation of games with punishing settings

I played this sometime around 2010ish I think, and was reminded of it recently. So glad to have found it again (and like... a whole pile of other stuff you've done)!

Jill with one hand felt great to play. It combined the themes of masochism with the sensation masturbating your partner. Full true immersion. My hand hurts. 10/10


nice! please don't hurt yourself playing my wretched little video games

No worries! It's that kind of good healthy pain ^u^


This is my childhood right there. Also my first exposure to the idea of lesbian BDSM as a kid. Which probably explains why now I'm a trans lesbian into BDSM now.

i feel funny


(1 edit) (+2)

I wish itch would recommend me games like this more often, or at least games I haven't downloaded before

Edit: I had a lot of fun with the game

Good job!


oh gosh i remember MJO from waaaaay back in my  egg days. Thank you for putting it on here!

OH HEY I love this game! Happy to see it make a return here!

Fun game, beat both towers combined at about 85 minutes, may or may not return to speed run a bit, all in all a fun little game.

me acuerdo que yo era fan de jill hace 1 años man me gustaba un monton jill por eso me volvi fan ademas que en ese momento que me quise descargar el juego la pagina desaparecio y me tardo muchisimo hacer lo de way back machine y aca lo pusieron 

I'm not able to control the character (she is just jumping periodically with my inputs not affecting anything). Anyone have an idea how to fix?

I remember playing this cause she was in Super Meat Boy and being really bad at it anyway here's a speedrun with both towers.

I loved this game back in 2009. One of my favorite game authors.

My favorite part of this re-release is the seekrit level...

This game changed my life. I love it so much!