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"There's been dozens of 'impossible' highly punishing games - they're not very interesting. Hell, there's many commercial games which are far more punishing than what Mighty Jill Off asks you to overcome - but the point isn't about just that 'games players are masochists'. It's that 'games designers are sadists', in the sense of a Master/Slave relationship. In that, it's a question of trying to punish your slave in a way which makes it a relationship. True sadism would just involve offing the little shit. The point is to make them suffer in a way which they can endure and - by tickling those desires - enjoy."

—Kieron Gillen, Rock Paper Shotgun

Mighty Jill Off is an indie platform game from 2008. Inspired by Mighty Bomb Jack, it follows submissive masochist Jill as she attempts to please her Queen. Lesbians! Kink! A meditation on the appeal of retro-style difficulty! That's this game.

Press Z or Space to jump. Press again to cancel jump. Tap to hover.

Also available: Jill Off With One Hand, an "endless" one-button riff on Jill's verb set. They're both made in some ten-year-old version of GameMaker and I make no promises for their compatibility with current platforms.

Game design by Anna Anthropy
Art and character design by Harvey James
Music by Andrew Toups

Psst. There's a secret second tower. To access it, either finish the first tower in under 12 minutes or type the code "QUEEN" during the opening cutscene.

These games are free. If you like them, please consider spending money on another game at w.itch.io.

The Queen is canonically trans.

Updated 27 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(78 total ratings)
Authoranna anthropy
TagsDifficult, Indie, jilling-off, kink, Lesbian, LGBT, masocore


Mighty Jill Off.zip 28 MB
Jill Off With One Hand.zip 7.8 MB

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> The Queen is canonically trans.
My headcanon is that this means she can airdash, and actually built the tower around a completely different moveset (but it happened to all be possible for Jill).

Thinking I might make a mod based on this, if I remember and have the time.



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Hey! do you know how to fix the slowdown problems?
More specifically, while there arent any errors, on Windows 11, the game runs exceptionally slow (which is probably Windows' fault)


No idea, sorry! This game is over a decade old and is simply not optimized for modern platforms, nor am I interested in doing the work to modernize it at this time.


Its all good, no need to apologize! the slowness isnt unbearable either way :P

you have to run it through an emulation of an earlier os


run it in compatibility mode (I use windows 7)

how to do that: https://help.bethesda.net/#en/answer/8788


there seems to be an invisible ceiling here. i cant jump through this gap no matter what i do


I think it's just awkward collision. I remember banging my head against it a few times but you can definitely go through it. Just try inching back and forth

you need to go slightly right here


Walk against the left wall, then try again. That seems to make alignment easier. There should be 1 pixel between the left wall shadow and Jill's arm

neet lil game, the platforming was fun and i really like the hover mechanic along with the sprites, wish it was a bit longer tho

Great game! Had a fun first run but now it's saying 'unexpected error occured' once it loads up. Is there any troubleshooting other than uninstalling and reinstalling it? I've already tried that.

Great question! No idea!

Redownloading it a few times seemed to solve the issue but now it's running really slowly lol. It's probably just my pc so I'll keep messing with it 


Surprised I never played this before. Very fun game that ramps up the difficulty well! Would play again for gay women.

loved this! fun ramp up in difficulty and perfect length,  and the last section was a cool! I liked how you showcased an enemy type before the player had to encounter it to show what it does. cut scene art was cute and the game assets were super readable and fun. Nice work, would lick boots again <3 


Anna Anthropy if you are reading this I absolutely adore this little game even though its kinda dated. I love the unsettling tone and the... freakiness... and the characters and everything about it!!!! I've been reminded of this gem from a twitter post and boy has it been so long.. I want to see more adventures with these characters :D!! Even though it's been 16 years or so I still hope we get to see more adventures from the Gimp-Suited Crusader!


i have given thought to what the Sad Middle-Aged Reboot of jill would look like.

Wish there was a linux version

I wish I could hear the music, but the in-game music constantly plays multiple versions of itself even when it sounds like other songs are playing underneath it.

hm, gay women, nice. also thank you Edmund and also indie game twitter and twitter artists for making me aware of Jill and anna's cornucopia of quality games. anna you are a mastermind.



Super fun! Jill and the Queen are so cute :) Felt like it was the perfect size


hello i just wanted to thank you, this game awakened three kinks in me. i see so much of  myself in Jill, and i'm pretty sure this game is the tipping point that caused my recent thoughts of delving into BDSM when i used to think it wasn't for me.


dude fuck yea

Whats the difference between Mighty Jill Off and Jill Off With One Hand?

The former is the main game, the latter is a single button highscore minigame type deal

Trying to play on Windows 11 and got the error "Failed to allocate back-buffer. Your graphics card might not have enough memory. Try to reduce the color depth or screen resolution."  The screen resolution bit didn't work, and I can't reduce the color depth below 32-bit. My graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 if that helps any.


you gotta start charging people for this


There are a few reasons I'm not currently charging for this game. One of them is that this game is over a decade old and I'm not really able to or interested in updating it for contemporary platforms. As such, I'd ask that people who want to support this game go buy one of the many other games on my profile. You don't even have to play it, I won't know.


What an adorable game! Played through both normal & hard mode and even cheat-engined my way through the onehanded bonus to see if there was some extra stuff nobody had seen. Super interesting allegory too.

On the topic of hard mode though, what does the voice say at the end of its... "cutscene"? Who does it belong to?


Thank you twitter for making us all discover this game again

The mechanics are nice and simple to wrap your head around in a few seconds. I especially love the hovering, made me feel more in control of my jumps

Game length is perfect, I LOVE games I can clear in one sitting. The difficulty is perfect too. It nicely ramps up across both towers. It's hard enough to fit the BDSM theme nicely (especially the second tower, god that was painful) without being too frustrating thanks to the lenient checkpoints

Final boss of the first tower was neat but a bit too easy to cheese and having to wait for the spiders in some sections of the second tower was a bit frustrating :/

As for the characters, 11/10, we NEED more chubby horny lesbians in video games

Good game so far but What does tap to move mean ive been struggling to figure out what button it is on my laptop

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Rapidly tap the spacebar to hover

Omg thank you so much i was struggling so much


genuinely good music and art. I'm happy I found out about this game.





"but the point isn't about just that 'games players are masochists'. It's that 'games designers are sadists'" Damn that quote goes hard 'till this day.


there's no way this building is government approved, every square meter inside is a safety hazard, really enjoyed climbing it tho


The government doesn't apply to lesbians.


The government doesn't apply to lesbians.


well, the government or any other authoritative entity on the matter 

whats the diference between mighty jill off and jill off with one hand?


Mighty Jill Off is the full, original game. Jill Off With One Hand is a one-button bonus game - an infinite jumper.


Genuinely so happy this game got a sudden bump in popularity, it's amazing how well it still holds up. Feels like a lot of the design sensibilities and questions this game raises are still pertinent today! I found myself fascinated by how this game is definitely sadistic, but also oddly forgiving? This game understands that truly sadistic design is built off of masochist (the player) enjoyment, I feel. Maybe I'm looking too hard into it, I don't know.

In short, loved the game! Wish I'd tried this ages ago, but better late than never.


My girlfriend streamed this for me and we started roleplaying as Jill and the Queen halfway through. We loved it, 10/10, 2nd tower made me rage quit

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Been trying to run this game, but my PC doesn't seem to want to cooperate... Tried compatibility mode and such, no luck. Probably a Windows 10/11 issue.

Would love to see if there's a solution, this game looks so fun, and I adore the characters!

EDIT: It was my driver that was the issue, can't wait to play the game!


this is gold 10/10

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Really enjoying the game so far, and I adore the art stills! The aesthetic is very fun and the concept is really fun and quirky! Though I'm struggling to make it past a very very early level (motor skill issue on my part), and I'd be glad if anyone on this itch page thread has advice - I'm struggling with the physics of this jump (see screenshot) where the pillar is blocking upward motion. She doesn't seem to change direction mid-jump, without the jump immediately ending. I've tried to watch playthroughs but I can't see what strategy people were using to get her to clear this jump. Was anyone able to make her change direction mid jump and avoid the pillar without immediately falling into the flames, and if so, how? (Sorry this feels like a very silly question, I feel like this kind of jump is the only thing that'll mechanically stump me a bit)

It's extremely precise, but you have to creep to the very edge of the pillar and then hold left as you jump

you should be able to change direction mid-jump without it cancelling. If it does actually cancel then I'm not sure why it's like that for you and not for me.


Completed the first tower in 14 mins and the second one in 22 mins. It truly is peak!

hey i'm trying to play this game but I only have a mac computer. i saw that this game had a mac version before (and even tried downloading it off the internet archive but it didn't work for some reason) but this page doesn't have that version. if you could could you please add that version? i really want to play it but can't right now


I'll have to dig around for it! If I can find it I'll put it up for download.


Mac versions are posted! No promises whether they work on a 2020s Mac - let me know if you try them!

just tried it on a 2011 imac with high sierra and both versions did not work sadly





wow, this game was fun. I did it in 25 minutes and really enjoyed, i died a lot.


I'm old enough that I immediately recognized assets from the NES game Legacy of the Wizard, so kudos for taking inspiration from a sadistic classic for your sadistic game~


good eye! i made this back in my baby game dev days when i didn't know how to draw pixel art yet, so i traced some of the tiles from Legacy of the Wizard! there's a little bit of wizard dna in the music too.

Not OP but thanks for confirming! I had a feeling back when I played it in 08/09, but when the sprites are that size I thought maybe it was just a coincidence that they were similar.

Grats on the surge of popularity!


My first encounter with Jill as a character was in Super Meat Boy after encountering her warp zone


first run of each tower was a little under 12 minutes for the first tower and a little over 12 for the second. a lifetime of jilling off is finally bearing fruit

so...hard mode huh?. . .yea. . .about that. . .i completed it in 29 minutes :>

I did it in 21:47


Had a great time playing this & really get the theme of that "special" relationship we gamers have. Keep up the great work 馃憤


i can believe i havent heard of this bc i was 9 when it came out but also i CANT believe i hadnt heard about it until NOW this game is so good i love it!!!





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