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Anna I wanna ask you this not only you made a Super Mario Bros. rom-hack but you actually rom-hack one of my favorite classic game Thank-You that was a heartwarming thing you ever did for that I will play your rom-hack

This is really cool. I'm surprised what can be squeezed out of completely vanilla Super Mario Bros 1. I especially liked the item block puzzle (if you played it, you know what I mean) and the final elevator fakeout.


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[Edit: Don't try to use the European (E) rom like this dummie :P ]

I cant seem to get the game to run   ( •́︵•̀ )

It patched with no error (using the site you linked), and I tried two different emulators (VirtuaNES 0.97 and Mesen 0.9.8). Neither emulator complains that the rom is bad or fails to load or anything but all I get is an unresponsive black screen. The original rom I patched from works fine.

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Fun! Short! Exactly as Advertised!

I like it, it's almost like a Warioware micro version of SMB, a fun little morsel of a game. I still had to use a few savestates because I am absolutely garbage at SMB's weird momentum and jumping,  but I had a satisfying arc with a game that I probably never would've come back to otherwise, so kudos

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Maybe a specific version of ROM is needed?

EDIT: "World" version works fine for me. Are you using the Duck Hunt combo rom?

Yeah, I just tested it using a rom named "Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].nes" and it worked fine.

Ah, shoot, that was it. I had "Super Mario Bros (E)".

I would've thought the patcher would've complained if the hash of the source rom was wrong woops. "Super Mario Bros. (Japan, USA)" worked.

Lmao I am so bad at SMB's weird jump uh ...physics.