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It’s not your fault if they can’t keep hold of their things. If the lock on the vault door is last year’s model and simple to pick. If the guard spent the night with his boyfriend and is easily distracted. If the wizard who crafted the magic wards was fired, and the stars have moved on to new alignments.

The Philosopher’s Stone has simply been moved to a more deserving home. It will look perfect between the Burnished Astrolabe and the Jade Scales – once you have them, of course.

MAGPIE BY MOONLIGHT is a journaling role-playing game for one player. It requires a tarot deck and can be played in half an hour or more. And it fits on one printed page.

People call you a thief. You prefer "collector." But gathering the items you seek is going to require some finesse.

Expand your collection. Use tarot cards to decide what treasures (or oddities, or components) you collect, and from whom you acquire them.

Make your getaway. Throw coins (we won't ask where you got them) to determine whether anyone (perhaps your rival?) discovers your trail.

Keep your ledger. Describe the curiosities you bring back to your hideout – and the misadventures it took to claim them.

A curious automaton: an exquisitely detailed wooden bird. My mistake was that I had not expected it to sing. As the guards came to look, I dove for a curtain, leaving the clockwork bird on the floor. They glanced down the hall, saw a simple, noisy bird, and went back to their rounds.

Designed & written by Anna Anthropy and  illustrated by Evlyn Moreau. The tarot deck in the photo is The Star Spinner Tarot by Trungles (unaffiliated with this game in any way).

Magpie by Moonlight is a Princess Sword game, and is based on my other game Princess with a Cursed Sword.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hello! Will you have community copies available at any point? I’m an educator looking at trying this kind of journaling to get my struggling readers excited about writing. Thanks!

The original game in this series, Princess with a Cursed Sword, is free to download! As a fellow educator, though, I'm happy if you want to buy the game and then give copies of the pdf to your students.

Thank you! I’ll try out the first one with them to see how that goes.