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These essays were first written and published on my website in 2009. They’re mostly focused on platform games. I guess that’s what I was doing at the time. They’ve been cleaned up and revised after a decade that I have spent (in part) teaching game design in a real actual classroom, and they reflect me, you know, growing as a designer and becoming smarter and stuff. 

Feel free to reproduce this document, assign it to your own students, etc etc. Enjoy!


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I've been looking for this article for several month, and thought that it was lost, until found it here, to my great happiness. Your work has really opened my eyes on level design and game design in general and inspired me to make games for living.  Your games and other works have guided me ever since. Thank you for being there and inspiring people, Anna!

Hi!! I am studying for my Maters of Mobile Gaming Engineering, and was assigned this tutorial: http://www.auntiepixelante.com/twine/

Is it still available anywhere?

Thanks a bunch,



Your writing was so important during my formative years of early adulthood 10 years ago and to this day you are The games writer to me. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the world. Love this level design writeup and its modern additions. For some reason that pic of Mario Land 1-3 was always one of the I most associated with your blog!

omg thank you!!


This is miscategorized as a 'game' when in fact it is a non-game piece of media in PDF file format.  Please update your category.

I've always known about the first screen of Mario for a while but this goes way further and more detail about it!


Thank you! I used to send my students to your site. I love the updates/revisions.



Thank you!  Been looking for "To the right, hold on tight" because I remember it being important during my education.  Time to pay it forward.


Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to checking this out.