JENNIFER JANOWSKI IS DOOMED is a game for WeaveZZT. What the heck is that? ZZT is a thirty-year-old game-making tool. Weave is a tool for modding and extending ZZT.

HOW DO I PLAY? Use the arrow keys! Bump into things to interact with them. Other mechanics will be explained as you go. Press the H key in-game for more help.

TONE AND CONTENT. The tone of this game is inspired by queer YA fiction, teen horror movies like the Fear Street trilogy, and Scooby Doo. There is some psychological horror, but most of the game could be described as "goofy."

CONTENT WARNINGS (Contains spoilers)
  • A closeted queer teen wrestles with her crush on another girl.
  • Brief mention of an alcoholic parent.
  • A malicious doppleganger threatens the protagonist.

  • You can find a full story synopsis by pressing H in-game and selecting "content warnings."

DOWNLOADING THE GAME. You can download the game below, but note that you can't run it in vanilla ZZT. You'll need the latest version of FirmWeave to run the game. Make sure all the files included in the zip are in the same folder!

CREDITS. Jennifer Janowski is Doomed was created by Anna Anthropy (me). It was started in December of 2021 and released on February 28, 2022. The tools I used include zEdit2, FirmWeave and Zeta.

Thanks to snorb for playtesting and WiL for implementing features I wanted and getting everything running in a web browser.

I WANT MORE ZZT! Check out the Museum of ZZT. Maintained by Dr. Dos, it's the best place to find both new releases and historical games from throughout ZZT's thirty-year history. We also have a Discord!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Authoranna anthropy
TagsFemale Protagonist, Horror, LGBT, Spooky, young-adult, zzt


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Really fun! I loved the surprises, the atmosphere, and the YA vibe. The sound effects are awesome!!

thank you!!

(1 edit)

I found a bug I think

that is in the high scores list

my image isn't showing up

i can't see an image, but the high score table is a little funky yeah.

Can't wait to play this! Any chance we'll see Star Wench on

anything can happen in the vastness of time!

Thank you for this game. I loved the enigma with pushing arrows, and the global atmosphere, of course.

The giant mushrooms reminded me of the second episode of Jill of the Jungle. This game was so oniric.

Not sure to understand who is the person at the end. Dinah or not Dinah ?

oneiric is a beautiful way to describe a game, thank you.


This was so cool! Queer scary stories are the best :D


Had a lot of fun with this. Great game and I love love love the visuals!

Thank you!

Anyway the game is great. It genuinely makes me interested in developing a ZZT game myself (I first heard of this engine from David X Newton on youtube).

Glitch report - in the magic library, in the diary on the desk, the line between "March 17" and "March 20" is highlighted as "press Enter" and not "Journal". Not a big deal, I just thought it was a secret or something.


I'll look into this, thanks!

Congrats, really cool game!

700 points!