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They found gold in Forbearance, once. Now Forbearance is bracing for another invasion, but it's not gold this time – it's silicon.

Forbearance is a Small Town – a one-page campaign setting for Avery Alder's Monsterhearts.  In a dusty southwestern town, a 90s dot-com boom overturns old class tensions and creates new ones. Players are supernatural beings or those indebted to them, in a time when the digital is as magical and dangerous as any monster.

The Small Towns, Forbearance included, were originally conceived and written by a variety of author as incentives for Avery's Monsterhearts 2 Kickstarter. You can download them at the Monsterhearts website under Downloads.

CategoryPhysical game
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Authoranna anthropy
TagsHorror, monsterhearts, silicon-valley, Tabletop role-playing game


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