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Authoranna anthropy
Tagsdeath, enemies, epitaph, eulogy, mourning, remembrance, tragedy, violence


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I don't think that image has alt text so here's a transcription of the text in case anyone needs it.

anna anthropy 2019

The next time you kill a nameless enemy in a video game, immediately stop the game and compose a eulogy for the deceased. Mention their early life, their dreams for the future, the loved ones they leave behind. Find someone to deliver the eulogy to.

Do this for every enemy in the game.

OMG this game is my life, I am doing this already for every poor pnj my character kills o_O
(and this made me stop playing some of video games but I don't regret it in any way)


Deconstructing the rpg gameplay, what a wonderful idea.!

My street art stickers in 2019, Dnipro, Ukraine: "I killed a talking character in Dark Souls, and he told me - Finally I found peace". They weren't inspired by your idea, but they are similar. I killed one of the heroes. I did it just out of curiosity, but his comment reversed the meaning of my act. It was the best video game murder I've ever done, so I wanted to do some street art stickers about it. Even if none of the passers-by will understand my message, at least I had a chance that someone who did the same thing in Dark Souls as I did, would read them, and now he will recall what an incredible event it was