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Wheelchairs are beautiful, a marvel of technology. They are mech suits, cybernetic enhancements, they are machines that we join with in a nourishing symbiotic relationship. They are not prisons; wheelchairs are liberation. They are freedom, they are a walk in the park, they are the sunlight on my face after years in dark tunnels.

There is so little media about the joy that wheelchairs bring, how powerfully they transform our lives. That’s why I’m writing this zine. Not for abled people, but for someone like me who once hated and feared the thing that would make me whole again.

A Wheelchair is a Small Gundam is a zine of over 4000 words on the liberating fucking miracle that are wheelchairs. Topics include:

  • The rhythm of wheels on pavement
  • The gender euphoria of being short for the first time
  • Summoning a bus using arcane gestures
  • Living with a cat as a wheelchair user
  • Reclaiming cyberpunk for cyborgs
  • Abled Derangement Syndrome
  • And more!

The pdf is formatted for printing on 11 x 8.5 letter sheets, at four pages per sheet (front and back).

This zine is free, but if you can walk, you should give me money imo

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Authoranna anthropy
Tagsdisability, gundam, Queer, Transgender, wheelchair, zine


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I’m a lifelong wheelchair user and I think you put into words the feelings I’ve had for so long but didn’t know how to say. Beautiful zine. Vrooom!

thank you!! hell yeah

Lovely read! Very interesting seeing similarities (and many differences!) between your experiences and me getting hearing aids over the past year I'm in my mid 30's and the predominant stigma, even perpetuated by the industry, is that hearing aids are for The Olds (also that industry is _fucked_) (also also this is the first thing I've seen of yours since I played Dys4ia many years ago and it does me well to see your name again)

haha thank you, that's weirdly sweet! (the last part, not the stigma around hearing aids) (that part sucks)


Fantastic read, what an exquisite, refreshing zine, well done!

Small typo: page 2, “wheelcchair”




We're able to walk - for now- however have some form of progressive physical issue , likely hypermobility related, has made it gradually more tiring over time. This zine has helped us engadge with potential future options , thanks <3.   we don't think its likely we'd need it quite as much- no matter what we should be able to walk for short bursts without issue, like at home or a short trip.  but we're now fully considering finding or hand-making a light, modular wheelchair or scooter we could carry with us or such, which would help today even ^.^.     [for context just in case, we are a plural collective <3 ]