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KEEP ME OCCUPIED was designed for the OAK-U-TRON 201X, a mobile arcade cabinet built by RPM Collective that participated in Occupy Oakland's January 28, 2012 Move-In Day March.

Two players play at a time. They have sixty seconds to ascend as high as possible. To ascend, they have to cooperate, occupying switches and holding open doors for one another. When time is up, each player leaves their avatar behind to hold open the last switch they touched for all future players.

Everyone who plays contributes to the success of the group. Even players who aren't traditionally skilled at videogames can occupy switches earlier in the game, helping all future players in a big way.

Someone once told me that, in any movement, the person who staples the leaflets is as important as any of the more visible heroes who march at the front of every protest. This game is inspired by that idea.

NOTE: To quit game, hit ESC five times! For further information, see readme.txt.

NOTE 2: The source file is available for download. It was created in Game Maker 8.

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Authoranna anthropy
TagsCo-op, fifty-player-game, mobile-arcade-unit, Multiplayer, oakland, occupy, political


WinKeepMeOccupied.zip 3.7 MB
MacKeepMeOccupied.zip 8.3 MB
EditMe.zip 476 kB

Install instructions

Download and unzip either the Windows or Mac version. Press ESC five times to quit game. Delete the .txt files the game creates to clear saved data. See readme.txt for more info.

To check out the source, download EditMe.zip. You'll need Game Maker to view it.