Standalone edition released + journaling bundle!

Initially only available as part of the Hibernation Games anthology, I LOVE YOU, ALIVE GIRL is now available on its own in what I think is an extremely attractive new edition. It's been reorganized a little: The main rules have been laid out on two pages for double-sided printing, and the variant rules and appendix have been released as their own "extras" pdf. It's still all the content that went into the original Hibernation Games zine.

To celebrate the release of this new edition, and the fact that my landlord has increased the rent I pay on my wheelchair-accessible apartment, I'm hosting a two-week sale where you can get nine journaling games for just ten dollars. (Be careful, some of them are 🔞spicy.🔞) It's the perfect gift for someone who wants to do a lot of writing.


I Love You Alive Girl.pdf 168 kB
96 days ago
Alive Girl Extras.pdf 139 kB
96 days ago
I Love You Alive Girl + extras plaintext.txt 9 kB
96 days ago


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