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"i have no idea what this is" is my favorite item

this rules hardcore, i just love the diction of the item descriptions so severely

thank you! i'm still really happy with how this turned out.


"I had it taken out."

This concept of an interactive inventory is so fun!

Common Anna Anthropy W, I absolutely love this tiny ludonarrative artifact and it just made me discover what looks to be a wonderful software that I can't wait to add to my toolbox just next to Electric Zine Maker. 

Calamity rules.


Calamity is based on the fact that I have been listening to a lot of dungeon synth lately.

sponsored by the shadow government

Very simple yet enjoyable!


I laughed perhaps too hard at these silly jokes


Quite charming! I bet that robed shopkeeper person is fun to know.


Cute little thingy, an enjoyable little thingamajig, good art as well!