A downloadable game

Be Witching began life in 2016 as a hybrid board game and story game about witch fashion competitions. It is currently being remade into a fully-fledged tabletop role-playing game about witch communities and the magic of femme expression.

Features include:

  • Drawing! You'll start the game by drawing your witch's most striking features and accessories on one of eight character templates by Solomon Fletcher (nsfw content at link). You'll add to and change your drawing at important moments in the game. Maybe, if you trust another witch enough, you'll let them add to your drawing.
  • Scenarios. Multiple scenarios allow you to choose a tone of game you're interested in exploring. You might have to come together as a magical community, put on a witches' prom, or try to placate an ancient magical creature. Play an all-ages cooperative adventure, or be flirty, petty teen witches.
  • Houses. Each session of the game is designed as a one-shot (a single-session story), but House sheets allow you to thread your games together by following how the magical houses your witches belong to grow and change over time.
  • Facilitator-less. Be Witching is designed to be played without a facilitator, game master or emcee. But if you decide you want one -- such as when playing with kids -- it can be played with a facilitator who gently guides the story and introduces complications.

(Disclaimer: As the game is still in development, none of these details are final.)

You can follow the game's development at its Kickstarter page. While it's no longer possible to pre-order the game through the Kickstarter, it will be available here on w.itch.io upon release in a digital print-and-play format.

I hope you'll find it enchanting.