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A ball like this happens once every hundred years. Everyone wants to be crowned Witchqueen of the ball - but to qualify you'll need to earn awards from the other witches. You'd better have a killer outfit - and be as bewitching as possible!

Be Witching is a game about witch fashion balls for 4-6 players! In Round 1, players design outfits they think will win other players' awards. In Round 2, players judge and offer commentary on other witches' outfits - channel your favorite (or most hated) reality TV judge! Finally, Round 3 is the interview segment - two finalists answer questions while the other players confer and crown the winner!

Here's what you get from this page:

  • Six different drawing templates to print and cut out, designed by Solomon Fletcher
  • The rules (as a PDF you can print and fold into a booklet)

Additionally, you'll need to provide yourself:

  • Index cards (one per player)
  • Drawing implements of any kind
  • One cup for each player
  • A bunch of little tokens (I use Go stones)
  • A timer (I use a "kitchen timer" app on my phone)

UPDATE 3/24/16: Bug Witching is a new, free expansion for Be Witching by lazymoth! Be a sassy fashion bug!

UPDATE 9/24/15: Trying something out: "favorite kind of magic" has been changed to "special talent or hobby" on the character sheets.

UPDATE 9/11/15: The third (and best) revision to the game is now live! Be Witching 3.0 is the result of lots of playtesting and is greatly improved - it's also pay what you want! Major changes:

  • Round Three has a lot more structure, including rules for breaking Judge indecision
  • New rules place a limit on the amount of tokens in the game but ensure that there are tokens available for Judges to tip with in Round Three
  • Oh did I mention you can tip in Round Three now? That's because if Judges can't reach consensus, tips are the tiebreaker
  • The Round One timer has been rebranded a little, and is now optional
  • The entire rules text has been reformatted to aid in teaching the game to new players

I'm finally really happy with how the game holds up. These will likely be the last changes for a while.

UPDATE 6/4/15: Be Witching 2.0 is out! This is a major revision to game. The big changes are:

  • ALL print-and-cut cards have been eliminated from the game, making the game a lot more portable! Now, instead of choosing Houses with random aesthetics, each player creates a unique award she wants to give out.
  • There's now unlimited tipping. Any player can tip any other player whenever she wants, as many times as she likes.

2.0 is a tremendous improvement to the game IMHO and i hope you enjoy it!

UPDATE 5/12/15: Be Witching now includes six new drawing templates by Solomon Fletcher to provide a greater variety of body types for players to choose from! They're available for free to anyone who's purchased the game already - you can either redownload all of the game components or download a file containing just the new templates! (There's also been a small update to correct a typo on one of the Favor cards.) Enjoy!

4/27/15: First release!

Be Witching is a Sorry Not Sorry Game.


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